INTELLISKIN / GDS, catalog and packaging

IntelliSkin with GDS Technology is a new product line by Ram Mounts. I was tasked with creating a catalog to be used by salespeople and distributors to inform customers of the capabilities of the modular system.

All of the product images were rendered in the 3d modeling software Keyshot Pro. The catalog needed to family well with the newly designed packaging, to achieve this I used the same matte coat varnish and mimicked the layout of the packaging on the cover of the catalog.



The generic packaging accommodates various types of devices. I had to direct the consumer to the back where we printed a sticker that I also created to designate which device the product was designed for and which product was included in the box. I wanted to break up the information on the back to make it easy to scan through and give a quick visual of the systems benefits.


The brand specific packaging was much more straightforward. I worked with existing brand guidelines given to us by Apple and simply adjusted the layout to meet their requirements.

gds-box-80 ipad-mini2 iphone-6s