Currently I am a graphic designer on the Community team at Microsoft. In this role I have had the great opportunity to work on a huge variety of projects. I will show you a handful of them here.

I had the opportunity to do the branding for our first convention style all-hands. I created the logo ( various treatments ) as well as lanyards, buttons, badges, banners, shirts for the staff, enamel pins, posters, stickers and more.

NEXTCON_inline_web NEXTCON_cartoon_web NEXTCON_stack_web

nextcon_badge nextcon_banner nextcon_shirt pin posters stickers

A program was started for employees who want to pitch ideas to the leadership. It’s name is Campfire, I got to do the branding for it while coordinating with Next’s art director Mike Harnisch.

campfire_screensaver_web Campfire_brandmark_web Campfire_logo_vertical_web Campfire_logo_horizontal_web enamel-pin_web Rubber-Stamp-web sticker campfire_cup1

One of the first projects was to create illustrative portraits of my team.

A project that used my cardboard crafting skills was the “Blanket Fort”. My boss ( Jessica Merizan ) and I collaborated on this focus room which is a magnificent place to go when you need a place to join a Skype meeting or just have a quick brainstorming session.


I was the solo designer for the Build lounge at the Build conference. This was a huge lift and it took some long nights but the lounge was fantastic once we opened the gate and let the people experience what we had to show.

I created the large scale wall graphics, banners, shirts, desktop signs and screensavers


Hand drawn chalk graphic done the day of the event

remix dj

Remix Workshop is an Instagram experiment that the Community team launched to give Microsoft a young/playful look and more direct connection with followers. I worked with Odd Division giving them art direction to keep them within our brand guidelines. We focused on GenZ since they are the largest upcoming demographic to focus on.

Mood board I provided to Odd Division to guide the look and feel of the posts.


Click on the phone to go the RemixWorkshop Instagram



An internal team was in need of some marketing. They have a tool called Appsportal that is very useful for teams within the organization but very few people were aware of it. C.C. Gong and myself created an internal campaign that consisted of posters and a video. I shot and edited the photographs and video in coordination with Mike Harnisch the developer of the Next branding.






Once a year Microsoft takes part in the Give campaign, were there are a ton of opportunities to donate and raise money for various causes. I was the lucky fella that got to create the logo for two events during this time, the “Hack the Product” and “Next for Good” campaigns. The heart I created by deconstructing the Next “N”.

HTP next-for-good-logo

Banners for the day of the event




Marketing posters for the event


poster_mockup_getyourhackon poster_mockup_hackathonevents

On the Community team we had a group of content creators that we brought together for a live stream showcasing Paint 3D. The event was called Remixathon. I created the logo and all the assets for this event.

Email invite for the creators



A milestone sheet I created for the creators to stay on track


Intro slideshow to breakdown the process for the creators

T-shirts for the crew working the event

The NEXT Roulette is a great event bringing together people in the organization that may never cross each others paths. I have been creating assets for this event but my favorite part is the posters. I started with some bunnies to make it fun. For the next few posters I used paint 3D to create the bunny. To show how the meet-up is growing event to event I am gradually increasing the number of rabbits.