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WE, motion & video

At WE Communications I am the Senior video / motion designer. I create the case study videos and the “5 Questions with WE” series. When I’m not recording and editing audio for the case study videos or creating assets for our social channels, I help with presentations and white-papers to keep my traditional design skills sharpened.

Cannes gameshow intro video

Microsoft Airband case study video


5 Questions with WE

LinkedIn video

Instagram feed video

Instagram story video


Microsoft AI paper

AI Positioning paper cover 1st spread 2nd spread



SCENER, social

I was brought in to help with marketing and product design. Besides the typical product design tasks ( building every possible user flow in Sketch ) I got to create illustrations for marketing. For the buildup to our product launch, I created a large scale Instagram poster, utilizing the apps grid we slowly revealed the product and it’s concept. After the product was launched I continued making ads and GIFs for the Scener Instagram. 


One of my favorite projects while at Scener was the Christmas gift pack for the team. I created custom lego astronauts for each member of the team, custom scener branded madlibs and various space themed goodies.




MICROSOFT, branding and social


I was selected to do the branding for our first Comic-con inspired all-hands. I created the logo ( various treatments ) as well as lanyards, buttons, badges, banners, shirts for the staff, enamel pins, posters, stickers and more.

It was a huge sucess introducing people from diffrent teams within the organization and building excitedment for what everyone was working on.




A program was started for employees who want to pitch ideas to the leadership. It’s name is Campfire, I did the branding for it while coordinating with Next’s art director Mike Harnisch. After getting the logo mark locked in I modified the font to speak to the logo.


Team Portraits

One of my first projects when I started was to create illustrative portraits of my team. These were used on all our communication channels ( Outlook, Skype, Teams, Slack etc… ). The portraits were a good way to visually connect our team as well as showcase our creative personality.

Blanket Fort

A project that used my cardboard crafting skills was the “Blanket Fort”. My boss ( Jessica Merizan ) and I collaborated on this focus room which is a magnificent place to go when you need a place to join a Skype meeting or just have a quick brainstorming session.


Remix Workshop Lounge

I was the solo designer for the Build lounge at the Build conference. This was a huge lift and it took some long nights but the lounge was fantastic once we opened the gate and let the people experience what we had to show.

I created the large scale wall graphics, banners, shirts, desktop signs and screensavers


Hand drawn chalk graphic done the day of the event

remix dj


Remix Workshop is an Instagram experiment that the Community team launched to give Microsoft a young/playful look and more direct connection with followers. I worked with Odd Division ( artist collective in Spain and France ) giving them art direction to keep them within our brand guidelines. We focused on GenZ since they are the largest upcoming demographic.

Mood board I provided to Odd Division to guide the look and feel of the posts.


Click on the phone to go the RemixWorkshop Instagram




On the Community team we had a group of content creators that we brought together for a live stream showcasing Paint 3D. The event was called Remixathon. I created the logo and all the assets for this event.


Email invite for the creators



A milestone sheet I created for the creators to stay on track


Intro slideshow to breakdown the process for the creators

T-shirts for the crew working the event


RATIONAL, web and social

My first team at Rational was the Microsoft Learning group were I created illustrations, GIFs and various types of ads for their social channels.












During my time at Rational I also worked on the “go-to-market” team. We produced a bill of materials which include e-mails, e-guides, social display ads and landing pages for over 60 various Microsoft partners.

Microsoft_GTM_Nurture Marketing Campaign_Partner Onboarding[1]

Microsoft_GTM_Nurture Marketing Campaign_Partner Onboarding[1]

Microsoft_GTM_Nurture Marketing Campaign_Partner Onboarding[1]

Microsoft_GTM_Nurture Marketing Campaign_Partner Onboarding[1]Microsoft_GTM_Nurture Marketing Campaign_Partner Onboarding[1]

Microsoft_GTM_Nurture Marketing Campaign_Partner Onboarding[1]



RAM, brand refresh and packaging

Rams look was outdated. The first thing to do was simplify the logo. I smoothed out the curves and removed unnecessary details. The word mark was straightened up to convey the strength RAM’s products are known for.


During all of this, the fact that there were no brand guidelines presented a problem. The brand standards guide was flushed out after some brainstorming sessions with ownership and the marketing team. The results are a refreshed, up to date look that the company can be proud of.





Next the outdated tradeshow booth was addressed. RAM’s product line covers a broad range of vertical markets and the tradeshow booth needed to be modular enough to display all of these effectively. The tradeshow coordinator and I worked diligently getting feedback from salespeople who attend the shows to make sure the booth provided them with everything they would need to communicate our product.


A brand wouldn’t truly be refreshed without new packaging. So packaging was created for our top sellers to prove its value to management. Since all the products are black and we wanted to keep a light overall feel to the packaging, I created an illustration style that was able to clearly show the product and retain the look and feel we wanted on the packaging. It was received with flying colors.


un7_tough_claw_Page_5un7_tough_claw_Page_1 un7_tough_claw_Page_3




INTELLISKIN / GDS, catalog and packaging

IntelliSkin with GDS Technology is a new product line by Ram Mounts. I was tasked with creating a catalog to be used by salespeople and distributors to inform customers of the capabilities of the modular system.

All of the product images were rendered in the 3d modeling software Keyshot Pro. The catalog needed to family well with the newly designed packaging, to achieve this I used the same matte coat varnish and mimicked the layout of the packaging on the cover of the catalog.



The generic packaging accommodates various types of devices. I had to direct the consumer to the back where we printed a sticker that I also created to designate which device the product was designed for and which product was included in the box. I wanted to break up the information on the back to make it easy to scan through and give a quick visual of the systems benefits.


The brand specific packaging was much more straightforward. I worked with existing brand guidelines given to us by Apple and simply adjusted the layout to meet their requirements.

gds-box-80 ipad-mini2 iphone-6s


HEART OF DARKNESS, book design

Design includes dust jacket, all illustrations, end sheet design, interior page layout and production. As I read the book I realized a normal bookcover would not suffice. All the books that were encountered in the story are destroyed from the harsh environment. I decided to make a leather pouch to protect the book from the journey that takes place in the story. The design was inspired by the old pony express riders. They carried a similar item on their deliveries.

I still had to get vital information to the consumer. My solution was to use a luggage type tag since the book is about a journey. The tag conveys all the needed information and once purchased the buyer can remove the tag and still have the leather pouch to protect his or her book.


Heart of Darkness, Book Designhod1hod

Complete set