RAM, brand refresh and packaging

Rams look was outdated. The first thing to do was simplify the logo. I smoothed out the curves and removed unnecessary details. The word mark was straightened up to convey the strength RAM’s products are known for.


During all of this, the fact that there were no brand guidelines presented a problem. The brand standards guide was flushed out after some brainstorming sessions with ownership and the marketing team. The results are a refreshed, up to date look that the company can be proud of.





Next the outdated tradeshow booth was addressed. RAM’s product line covers a broad range of vertical markets and the tradeshow booth needed to be modular enough to display all of these effectively. The tradeshow coordinator and I worked diligently getting feedback from salespeople who attend the shows to make sure the booth provided them with everything they would need to communicate our product.


A brand wouldn’t truly be refreshed without new packaging. So packaging was created for our top sellers to prove its value to management. Since all the products are black and we wanted to keep a light overall feel to the packaging, I created an illustration style that was able to clearly show the product and retain the look and feel we wanted on the packaging. It was received with flying colors.


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